Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hair. oh my goodness, hair.

I just cut my bangs out of frustration. I'm hoping I can do something else to my hair to balance out the weirdness I just created. on a similar note, now that my eyebrows are visible, I MUSTMUSTMUST do something about them! grr... hahaha I really wish my hair was longer, because with my bangs cut this short, I feel jokes coming on quickly. My guess is I should have just left the darn things the way they were, and worked from there... but they were SO ANNOYING! Today, I win AND lose the battle for my hair. We'll see what happens from here on out with my haircolor... can't afford to go get more black, so is BLEACH and blue my only alternative? yes. I'm scared.
I imagine bleaching the tips of my bangs, and part of the longer hair on the sides. I will keep looking around to see if anyone has done such a thing with hair as weird as mine.
Oh. I am SO not weird anymore. (for some reason, I actually like that...)
This might mean I should contact the... the... MEEEEGAN. *calls*
more on this later, I must save myself from the horror I am setting myself up for.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh my goodness, I'd SOOO do this...

To Rain.

LOOK AT THAT EXHAUST. I have wanted a different exhaust system on him for a while now, and I figured the side would look pretty... nice.
The tattoo I would like to get on my foot would cost 80 dollars or less, I was told. If I only had 80 dollars at the moment... I would have gotten it today!

a new blog, tat talk, and other rambling

It was brought to my attention that I haven't blogged in a while... So true, so true. So I decided to start a new blog...
In other news, some of those who know me might be aware I have a tattoo of Lightning McQueen from Disney-Pixar's Cars. I am considering getting another of him, but based on concept art.
This is the one I had done three weeks ago... That I waited rather patiently for over three years for (had to become an... *gasp* ADULT)
This is McQueen looking really cute in one of the deleted scenes. I drew up a little something I'd really like done... Probably on my left foot.
There is my version, notice I added the sticker lights... in the coloring, it might even look like blush... And that would be SUPER CUTE. I've changed that doodle a little since I first drew it about an hour ago, namely by adding "McQueen" in adorable cursive next to "Lightning", of course.
Speaking of tattoos and all that jazz, I'm going to Happy Tats today to have mine looked at. It looks sort of strange now, and when I am positive it is healed all the way, I will have it touched up.
Being back in MI is showing... It has been a month, and I'm still looking for a job. I am roaming around Metro Detroit daily looking, and it seems NONE of the jobs are in MY neighborhood. That's fine, I guess, given I'm hardly around here anyways, but some places are pretty rough.
While I'm at it, I have a lovely doodle of my boyfriend.