Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hair. oh my goodness, hair.

I just cut my bangs out of frustration. I'm hoping I can do something else to my hair to balance out the weirdness I just created. on a similar note, now that my eyebrows are visible, I MUSTMUSTMUST do something about them! grr... hahaha I really wish my hair was longer, because with my bangs cut this short, I feel jokes coming on quickly. My guess is I should have just left the darn things the way they were, and worked from there... but they were SO ANNOYING! Today, I win AND lose the battle for my hair. We'll see what happens from here on out with my haircolor... can't afford to go get more black, so is BLEACH and blue my only alternative? yes. I'm scared.
I imagine bleaching the tips of my bangs, and part of the longer hair on the sides. I will keep looking around to see if anyone has done such a thing with hair as weird as mine.
Oh. I am SO not weird anymore. (for some reason, I actually like that...)
This might mean I should contact the... the... MEEEEGAN. *calls*
more on this later, I must save myself from the horror I am setting myself up for.

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